Our Boulangerie, Viennoiserie and Pâtisserie are called ‘artisan’ because we make all our products in-house by hand, using traditional recipes and techniques. At Levant we use all natural ingredients, no artificial flavors or preservatives.  Our breads are made with pure sourdough, unless otherwise stated, using long fermentation processes, which even in Europe most bakers don’t do anymore. All our Viennoiserie & Pâtisserie products are made with maximum content premium imported Belgian butter. We use real fruits, premium chocolate, fresh dairy cream and imported nuts  in order to ensure the authentic experience

Artisan Breads
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Besides being a bakery, Levant also serves all day breakfast, lunch and dinner in a family friendly and relaxed environment. We serve simple, healthy and comforting food inspired by French and Mediterranean classics, such as the classic Steak Frites, Niçoise salad, Baguette Sandwiches, and our famous Omelette Mont Saint-Michel, the viral Brioche French Toast, as well as our refined homemade cakes and pastries. Be sure to try our special Noissette Macchiato,  or our indulgent Affogato! We also recommend our Fruit de Bois smoothy and freshly pressed fruit juices, wine and specialty beers. 

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Experience the difference of

Artisan Sourdough Breads

& Handmade Croissants