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"Baking is a passion; it just makes me happy,” says the Frenchman Ramon Medina, founder of Levant, who still gets up every morning before dawn to bake and supervise the making of Levant's breads and pastries. Longing to find real bread in Jakarta, he started out with a simple bread maker, which soon led to experimenting with sourdough  in his own kitchen. He then invested in a bigger oven and began to make bread for friends and neighbours. His love for authentic artisan bread made according to traditional methods is at the heart of each of his bakeries.

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Artisan Breads

Using traditional European methods, our breads are made with only simple ingredients and no preservatives: flour, water, salt and… time and patience! A long fermentation process (a minimum 24 hours) is what gives our breads their distinct quality and flavor, as well as the use of natural starters derived from a “Mother dough” brought from France that we feed everyday.

Our best-seller is our traditional French baguette and you will not find another baguette as authentic as ours!  We specialize in pure sourdough breads including wheat, whole wheat, whole grain and rye loaves. In addition, we sell a wide range of brioche, sandwich breads, foccacia, ciabatta, crackers  and can even make gluten-free loaves to order.


All our viennoiseries are handmade fresh daily with premium butter imported from Normandy. 

Our signature pastry is the iconic French croissant.  But we do, of course, make all of the classics daily by hand: chocolate and almond croissants, as well as raisin pastries.


All our pastries are simple an homemade. We bake berry, apple, pear, plum, lemon meringue, chocolate
and custard tarts daily. We have both mini-tarts and full size pies for sale.



We believe in authenticity, sincerity and loyalty to our customers in celebrating our culture, while letting ourselves be inspired by the richness of local environment. All our products are hand made from scratch everyday.  We believe in using only high quality, fresh, all-natural ingredients in our products. We never use preservatives, additives, artificial colouring.